Enjoy Contactless Card Convenience With Your CU SoCal Cards.



Look for the contactless symbol during checkout.



Tap your card on the terminal.



Wrap up your purchase—that’s it!

It's fast.

Pay in seconds where you see the Contactless Symbol so you can be on your way faster.

It's easy.

Simply tap your CU SoCal credit card on the contactless-enabled terminal.

It's secure.

Enjoy the same dynamic security as chip cards.

Use Your CU SoCal Visa Contactless Card Where You See the Contactless Symbol.


Unlock The Full Experience

  • Download the CU SoCal app on iOS or Android
  • Manage your cards, alerts, travel notices, and more
  • Track spending, set savings goals, and register for your free Credit Score
  • Add CU SoCal cards to your digital wallets for touch-free payments
  • Compatible with Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, and Google Pay™
  • Use your card on a variety of expenses, like home delivery services and streaming subscriptions
  • Activate your card, set up travel notifications and turn your cards on/off with the Card Controls widget in our Mobile Banking application

Contactless Payment FAQs

Contactless Payments

What is a contactless card?

A contactless card uses tap-to-pay technology that allows for close-range, contactless transactions at checkout. The card still has a magnetic strip and chip for traditional purchasing methods if contactless payment terminals aren't available at a particular merchant.

How do contactless transactions work?

To conduct a contactless, tap-to-pay transaction, tap or hold your card 2 inches or less from the Contactless Symbol  on the terminal, and encrypted card information will be transferred between the card and the reader. Some merchants may ask you to sign for the purchase. Your purchase should be completed in seconds.

Where can I use my contactless card?

You can use your contactless card anywhere the contactless symbol ​ is displayed (e.g. Costco, Walgreens, McDonald’s). Look for the Contactless Symbol ​ on your card and the chip reader. If contactless payment isn’t available, you can still swipe or insert your card into the chip reader to make your purchase.

What terms are used to describe contactless purchasing?

You might also see contactless purchasing described as: Wave and Go, Tap-to-Pay, Tap and Go, and Swipe Free Shopping.

Are contactless cards as safe as chip cards?

Today’s contactless cards with chip technology use a secure microprocessor that generates a unique cryptographic code that changes for every transaction, just like chip cards. The contactless technology cannot be read much more than 2 inches away, so it's unlikely card information can be unknowingly captured from your card when using the contactless terminal. Just make sure you have only one contactless card near the terminal.

What are the benefits of using a contactless card?

  • Convenience—Contactless cards are becoming more and more popular with the ease and speed they provide with the cardholder’s experience at checkout. With that popularity, more merchants across the US are equipping their payment systems with contactless technology.
  • Protection—Contactless payment transactions use the encrypted chip technology and safeguards that are already on the card. In addition, it reduces any physical contact the cardholder may have with the card terminal and prevents the merchant from physically handing your card.

Does it cost extra to pay using tap-to-pay technology?

There's no additional fee associated with contactless purchasing.

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