At CU SoCal, we know you work hard for your money.

We will too. That's why we offer NCUA deposit-insured share certificate options to help your savings soar. Share certificates are like bank certificates of deposit (CDs), just with a different name.

Why savvy savers in southern California choose our certificates to make it happen:

Competitive rates
Flexible maturity dates
Low minimum deposits
Federally insured

Whatever you're saving for, make it happen with:

  • Low minimum deposits of only $1,000.
  • Flexible maturity dates from 1 to 60 months.
  • Dividends compounded every month and at maturity.
  • Full suite of online and mobile services.
  • Easy-to-use online banking and mobile banking app.
  • Personal banking over the phone.
  • Automated touch-tone Phone Banking.
  • Federal insurance on your deposit up to $250,000.
You can also use your certificate balances as collateral for a better secured loan rate! Learn more.

Certificate Options

Regular Certificate
  • Terms from 1 to 60 months
  • Rate bonus available to Value+ Members
  • Dividends paid monthly
Minor Certificate
  • Terms offered from 12 to 60 months
  • Additional deposits can be made during the term
  • Low minimum deposit of $250 to open; additional deposits may be made any time during the term
  • Available to Members age 21 and younger

Regular and Minor Certificates Rates

The certificate rates listed below reflect the Maximum Dividend Rate (Regular Dividend Rate + .10%) available to Members with combined savings and loan balances of $15,000 or more. Certificates are fixed accounts that will earn the stated dividend rate for the duration of the account term. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals.
Length of Certificate Minimum Opening Balance Minimum to Earn Dividend Dividend Rate APY1
1 month $7,500 $7,500 0.10%-0.20% 0.10%-0.20%
3 month $1,000 $1,000 0.10%-0.20% 0.10%-0.20%
6 month $1,000 $1,000 0.15%-0.25% 0.15%-0.25%
12 month2 $1,0002 $1,000 0.25%-0.35% 0.25%-0.35%
18 month $1,000 $1,000 0.30%-0.40% 0.30%-0.40%
24 month $1,000 $1,000 0.35%-0.45% 0.35%-0.45%
36 month $1,000 $1,000 0.40%-0.50% 0.40%-0.50%
48 month $1,000 $1,000 0.50%-0.60% 0.50%-0.60%
60 month $1,000 $1,000 0.60%-0.70% 0.60%-0.70%
1 APY is Annual Percentage Yield.
2 For Traditional and Roth IRAs, the minimum term is 12 months. Coverdell Education IRAs are only available in 12-month terms.
3 For Traditional, Roth and Coverdell Education IRAs, the minimum opening balance and minimum to earn dividends is $25.
4 For Minor Certificates, the minimum term is 12 months; the minimum opening balance and minimum to earn dividends is $250.

Common questions about certificates

Certificates are often referred to as CDs, non-liquid accounts, or time deposits. A CU SoCal Certificate gives you an even better interest rate on your money than you would get in a savings account because we know that the money won't be withdrawn for an extended period. If you have an extra $1,000 or more that you won't need to use soon, a certificate may offer you greater savings returns.
When you open your CU SoCal certificate, you'll choose a maturity date between 1-60 months. If you need to withdraw funds before the maturity date, you may incur an early withdrawal penalty, but you will never lose principal on your initial deposit.
A certificate is a very safe investment. Even if you need to withdraw the money before you expect, you won’t lose the principal that you invested.

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