Our Enhanced Mobile App and Online Banking Are Available to You on The Go!

Please see important information below about logging on and FAQS for detailed explanations of Digital Banking functions.

Existing Users- Your current CU SoCal online username and password will give you access to our new Digital Banking platform (Online Banking and the Mobile App) without issue.  Please ensure you have downloaded the latest mobile application at the respective store below:
Google Play Icon

 Apple App Store Icon

If you are still having difficulty logging in, we encourage you to use our reset password and username features.  Otherwise, we’d be glad to help you over the phone (866-287-6225) or at one of our branch locations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Digital Banking

We've tried to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our most popular online and mobile tools: our Mobile App and Online Banking. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I reset my username or password?

If you have already logged into our new upgraded system, you can reset your password and retrieve your username by using the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links on our Online Banking or Mobile Banking platforms.

On my Android device, how do I enter my date of birth when I am resetting my password in the Mobile App?

 To enter your date of birth, first click the year at the top. This will allow you to quickly scroll to your birth year. From there, select your birth month and date in the calendar function.

Calendar Image

Are there specific browser requirements for Online Banking? What browsers are supported?

Online Banking supports the last two versions of the browsers listed below:

● Google Chrome: Latest two versions
● Firefox: Latest two versions
● Internet Explorer: v11*
● Microsoft Edge: Latest two versions
● Safari: Last two major versions
● IOS: Last two major versions
● Android: v6.0 and higher

*Limited Support: Some functionality may not work as expected. End users with IE 11 as their browser will still be able to access essential functionality of Online Banking.
To check your browser compatibility, click the link below:
Browser Support

Why does Online Banking log me off automatically?

To protect your privacy, we default Online Banking to log you off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

How do I set notifications for my accounts?

To be alerted about your account balances, transactions, automatic deposits, cleared checks, loan payment due and much more, go to “Settings” and then “Notifications.” In the “General Alerts” section of “Notifications” you can turn on alerts by email, text, push notifications (or all three methods together), and then customize your method of notification for each separate alert that you set up.

Does the iOS app work on the iPad?

Yes, you can use the iOS version on an iPad. However, it isn't designed as an  iPad app so you might encounter some "quirks." Most of these will be related to visual display and not operational functionality. We recommend using your mobile phone for the best mobile experience.

Can I use Quicken with my CU SoCal accounts?

Yes, simply search for Credit Union of Southern California from Quicken to link to your accounts.

I am having issues connecting my account to Quicken

Confirm you are using a recent version of Quicken. Quicken will only support the three most recent versions of its product. While your accounts and transactions may still be stored on an older version, features such as One Step Update will fail. For a list of supported Quicken products please visit https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-discontinuation-policy.

Remove closed accounts from One Step Update. Closed accounts within Direct Connect and One Step Update may impact how Quicken downloads transactions for other active accounts. Check your Account List and be sure to review any hidden accounts to ensure that all closed accounts have been removed from One Step Update.

Also please click here visit our Quicken FAQ.

Description: Set up payees and make payments

 Will all of my scheduled payments go out on time? 

Yes, all of your pre-scheduled payments will remain unchanged and go out as normal.

Will I lose any of my payees, payments or bill pay history? 

No, all bill pay information will remain the same through our digital banking upgrade.

Description: Formerly “Card Guard” – Turn debit and credit cards on and off and update alert settings.  Coming soon – activate your debit and credit cards and submit travel notices

 I previously had more alerts and controls in the Card Guard app, what happened to those features?

We heard your frustrations about having to download a separate application to control your cards.  We looked at the most used functions and added those directly into our new Mobile App so you no longer need a separate app.  We will continue to enhance and add features to the Card Controls widget overtime.

What happened to my settings for my old controls that no longer exist?

Since we no longer have access to those old controls, they have all been deactivated except for card on/off.

 Which cards are eligible to use the lock/unlock card feature?

All CU SoCal debit and credit cards are eligible.  ATM cards (without Visa logo) are not eligible.

What happens when I lock my card?

Within minutes, you'll see the card appear locked. Locking your card will prevent new transactions, while still allowing recurring transactions, pre-authorized payments and refunds to post to your account.

What happens when I unlock my card?

Once your card is unlocked, you may resume transactions and payments.

Should I lock my card if I see an unauthorized transaction?

No, please dispute the transaction in Online Banking or contact us, and then we will block the card and send you a new card. We recommend you lock your card for temporary misplacement. If you suspect fraudulent charges or you’re certain you’ve lost your card, please contact us.

Will a locked card work in my mobile wallet?

No, the card will show up in the mobile wallet, but authorizations will be declined.

I used to be signed up for card alerts, how can I still receive transaction alerts? 

Once you register your card and select your notification preference, all card transaction alerts will be sent to you in real time.

Description: The power to view all of your finances in one application!  Adding accounts from other financial institutions will give you the ability to view balances and spending.

I’ve added my bank account but it won’t sync?

First, you will want to ensure you login information is correct for the bank that you are attempting to link. If your login information is correct, and you are still having an issue and/or if you notice a yellow alert icon or the “Balance as of…” date is old, you will need to manually refresh the data. You can do this by going to Setting→Accounts→Select the account(s) that need to be synced→Update Login (Mobile) or Settings→Accounts→Select the account(s) that need to be synced→Refresh icon (Desktop).

How often do my synced accounts update?

Your accounts will automatically update once per day.

Account Aggregation:  ​Some accounts may not automatically refresh as your bank may require Multifactor Authentication (MFA). You will need to manually refresh your credentials by going to Settings, Accounts, and clicking on the aggregated account you would like to update.

Can I receive my statements from my other bank in the CU SoCal app?

Unfortunately, you will still have to access most features in your other bank application or website.

What can’t I do after adding my other bank accounts?

Features such as making transfers, reviewing statements and disputing transactions will still need to be referred to your banking institution.

What can I do?

When adding external accounts, the Financial Wellness widget aggregates all of your listed accounts to provide you a full view of all of your spending by category. Use the filter option to look at specific categories or timeframes.

Description: Make transfers, payments, setup external transfers, and make transfers to other CU SoCal Members.

 External (Other financial institutions)

What will happen to my currently scheduled external transfers in the new upgrade?

All of your scheduled external transfers will continue without interruption.

Will all of my linked external accounts migrate into the new system?

Yes, all of your linked external accounts will be accessible.

What information will I need to setup a new external transfer?

You will need both the routing number and full account number of the institution you are trying to add. Sometimes that can be found at the bottom of your check. 

Check Example

I entered in my other bank’s information, but have not received the mini deposits I need to verify?

Please note, the process can take up to 3 business days.  If you still have not received the verification deposits, please contact your financial institution to confirm account information is correct.  If you need further assistance, call us toll-free at 866.287.6225.

I’ve received the mini deposits, where do I verify them?

Sure, you should have an alert as you login to your account asking to verify.  If that doesn’t appear, please go to More -> Settings-> Accounts.  The external account should be at the bottom of the screen. 

 Internal (Other CU SoCal accounts)

I’d like to transfer money over to another CU SoCal Member, how do I do that?

Sure, go to the transfer widget -> Classic and select “Transfer to another CU SoCal Member.”  Please note you will need to know the recipients last name, Member Number and share ID.  Also, if you would like to save the account to transfer in the future, make sure to check the box.

How will the person I am sending money to be notified?

Each time you send a transfer the Member will be notified by email.

How do I edit, delete or change a scheduled transfer that was done in the previous online banking platform?

While you can see these transfers in your scheduled history, please call us at 866-CUSoCal to make any changes.

I just transferred money to another CU SoCal Member through Internal Transfers. Why is the recipient not seeing the deposit reflected in their balance?

When transferring funds to another CU SoCal Member, the recipient may experience a short delay in seeing their balance update. If the recipient is already logged into their Online Banking, the transfer may take up to 10 minutes to appear online even though the transfer was successful.

Description:  Deposit checks to your CU SoCal account using our mobile app.

How does mobile deposit work?

It’s convenient and easy to use.
Sign on to the CU SoCal Mobile App, then follow these simple steps:
Select Deposit Checks.
Choose the account you want to use for your deposit.
Enter the amount of your check.
Sign the back of your check or if available, check the box that reads: “Check here if mobile deposit”.
Take a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device. For photos that work best, follow these guidelines:
a. Place your check on a dark-colored, plain surface that’s well lit.
b. Position your camera directly over the check (not angled).
c. Fit all 4 corners in the guides of your mobile device’s camera screen.
Submit your deposit.
You’ll receive a confirmation message on your mobile device for each successful deposit. Plus, we’ll send a deposit confirmation to your primary email address.

When will my mobile deposit be available?

Mobile deposited funds are generally made available unless a hold is applied. If a deposit is held (or a hold is applied), funds are posted to your account but are not immediately available to cover debits or withdrawals. Common reasons include:

Large deposit amount
Third party checks
Deposited check returned unpaid
Indications a deposited check may not be paid
You’ll know that your deposit is available when the amount appears in the available balance of the account you selected when you submitted your mobile deposit.

Is there a limit on how much money I can deposit using the CU SoCal mobile app?

Yes. Based on a number of criteria, there are daily and monthly limits to the dollar amounts and number of checks you can deposit.

What if I have a check that exceeds a dollar limit?

Please visit your local CU SoCal branch or ATM to make the deposit. Our mobile app can help you locate the nearest branch or ATM location.

I made a check deposit but I am not seeing it reflected in my balance or transaction history?

Some deposits may take up to 10 minutes to sync and reflect in your account.

How can I find images of mobile check deposits I’ve made?

 You can view your mobile deposit history by viewing your account transaction history and clicking on the Filter button and select “Checks Deposited Remotely”

Description: The Manage Visa widget now allows you to access MYCARDINFO both on desktop and mobile. Use the Manage Visa widget to view credit card statements, set travel notices, activate cards, submit disputes, request balance transfers, and other functions.

Description: Guidance for external money management software users

Click here to view our Quicken, Quickbooks, and Mint FAQ.

Card Controls

Turn debit and credit cards on and off, and update alert settings.

Checking Dividends

Track the number of debit card transactions completed each month for higher APY earnings on your Rewards Checking Account. Access for Rewards Checking Accounts only.

Courtesy Pay

Opt in or out of debit card Courtesy Pay on eligible checking account(s).


Access Account Tree, Account Aggregation, Quick Bill Pay, last 7 days of history, next 7 days of transactions, educational articles, and Quicklinks. (Online Banking only.)

Deposit Check

Deposit check(s) to your CU SoCal account(s).

Financial Wellness

Track and categorize your spending across all your accounts, Control which accounts to track and change categorization if required.


Set and view progress towards custom goals. (Online Banking only.)

Identity Theft Protection

Links to the INFO Armor login if you have a CU SoCal Rewards Checking Account.

LPL Account Login

Links to your SoCal Wealth Management account login.

Manage Visa

Access the MYCARDINFO Single Sign On (SSO) to view credit card statements, set travel notices, activate cards, submit disputes, request balance transfers, and other functions.

Message Center

Receive two-way communication between you and CU SoCal.


Set alerts to notify you of account balances, loan payment due, checks cleared, automatic deposits and more.


Set up Overdraft Protection with share account(s).

Pay Bills

Set up payees and make payments.

Quick Apply

Open new sub accounts and apply for loans.

Redeem Rewards

View CU SoCal Dreampoints earned and redeem rewards.


Change account settings.

Skip a Pay

Skip a payment on qualified CU SoCal Loan.


Make transfers, payments, set up external transfers, and make transfers/payments to other Members.

View Accounts

View all of your accounts.

View Documents

View, print, download statements, eNotices, and tax forms.

Checking Services 

Stop payment, reorder checks and make a check withdrawal (desktop only).


Search by address, zip code or city to find branches and ATMs.

Mobile Wallet

Pay for purchases with a tap of your mobile phone or watch at a participating retailer.  To add your CU SoCal debit or credit card simply locate the appropriate app on your phone and follow instructions for adding the app.

If I have problems with the enhanced Mobile App or Online Banking, what should I do?

If you are having trouble accessing the new Digital Banking platform, whether it’s the Mobile App or Online Banking, if you need assistance, please call us toll-free at 866.287.6225, Monday through Friday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. or Saturday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

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CU SoCal's Online Banking service provides you with secure, 24-hour access to your CU SoCal account balances, transaction history, transfers, monthly statements, withdrawals and online payments.

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If you are having trouble accessing the new Digital Banking platform, whether it’s the Mobile App or Online Banking, if you need assistance, please call us toll-free at 866.287.6225, Monday through Friday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. or Saturday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m or email us at info@CUSoCal.org.

[Announcer] She can check her budget before she checks out. His dad will check his balance before he makes the goal. He knows the vet received payment. And she knows the gym did, too. She'll cover her part of the check with a person-to-person payment. He can cover his daughter's tuition with the transfer he just made. She checked her credit card transactions and made a payment. And he just applied for a loan. They can do all these things because they all have one thing, CU SoCal's new advanced digital platform for online and mobile banking. Coming this summer from Credit Union of Southern California. Building better lives.

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"This app is everything we as Members, I believe, are looking for! Thank you! It makes everything fast and easy to get Online Banking done!" -Ryan C.

"I am not very tech savvy, but I had no problem updating to the new app. I followed the instructions and quickly had access to my account. I also like the fact that I now have access to my credit card info without having to go to the website as well as the ability to link other bank accounts." -Monica H.

"This new banking app and changes by the credit union has made my life of banking a dream come true. The features are easy to navigate and all of my banking accounts are in one area, which allows me to easily watch over my accounts and handle financial needs; whether it is a transfer or filling out a loan application. Thank you." -tkful

"CU SOCAL upgraded their Online Banking. WOW! Fantastic upgrade that's user friendly! I can see everything at a glance, with a quick log on and my entire account ready for transactions. It makes my busy day easier with a couple of taps and I’m done. Thank you CU SOCAL!!!" -Luke J.T.

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