Turned down for regular checking? We can help.

We believe that making financial mistakes should never disqualify a person from accessing core banking services. That’s why we created Aspire Checking.1 It gives those who have made past mistakes a second chance to achieve financial wellness.
When consumers apply for a checking account, banks and credit unions turn to ChexSystems®, a consumer reporting agency, to review applicants’ backgrounds to determine such items as unpaid fees, involuntary account closures, and fraudulent activity on past checking accounts.
While a blemish on your CheckSystem® record will prevent you from opening a checking account at most financial institutions, CU SoCal can offer you a second chance with Aspire Checking. To qualify, the amount you owe on a past checking account cannot exceed $1,000 nor be caused by fraud.2

Get a second chance–and great features– with Aspire Checking:

  • $15 monthly service fee³ (Only $5 per month fee with $500 monthly direct deposit, or if you use - or swipe - your CU SoCal Debit Card at least 20 times per month and have opted in for eDocuments)
  • Debit card
  • Online Banking
  • Remote check deposit access ($1,000 deposit max/day, $2,500 deposit max/month)
  • External account transfers
  • No Courtesy Pay
  • No Shared Branch services
  • Converts to Rewards Checking on the 13th month after the account is opened2

Apply for an Aspire Checking Account.

  1. Apply for a Rewards or Classic Checking Account using our online application button. Criteria for checking accounts differ at each financial institution. Even though you may have been turned down for a checking account in the past, you may actually qualify for a regular (Rewards or Classic) checking account at CU SoCal.

  2. If you do not pass our ChexSystems® criteria but DO qualify for Aspire Checking, we will reach out to you directly to complete the application process.

  3. Apply today and let’s get you into a checking account at CU SoCal!

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