Don't Shop Angry, Hungry, or Sad

- Hi, I'm Jean Chatzky, and this is your Savvy Money Minute.

- [Narrator] Brought to you by Credit Union of Southern California.

- Impulse buying, we've all done it. In fact, the average person will spend $114,000 on impulse purchases over their lifetime. How can you avoid that fate? Skip these three shopping sins. Money rule number 41, don't shop angry. Research shows anger makes us overly optimistic and prone to making bigger, riskier purchases than we otherwise would. So give yourself a 24 hour cooling off period before you make a hot-headed buy. Money rule number 42, don't shop sad. Psychologists call it the misery-is-not-miserly effect. Feelings of low self value make you overestimate the value of purchases you're considering. Money rule number 43, don't shop hungry. And not just at grocery stores. Snacking, what researchers call exciting the mouth, brings down your defenses against desire. That's why warehouse stores offer free samples. You end up buying things that aren't on your list. For more great tips, check out my book, Money Rules. I'm Jean Chatzky, for Savvy Money.

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