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- Hi, I'm Jean Chatzky. And this is your SavvyMoney Minute.

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- Paying too much for auto insurance? How about homeowners insurance? If you haven't shopped around recently, the answer is probably yes. One reason, your longtime carrier may be getting complacent. They send you a bill, you pay it. That's costing you. It's time to call or login to see if other insurers can do better. Here's what you want to ask them for. One, security discounts. Deadbolt locks and smoke detectors should earn you a discount on home insurance. So should proximity to the fire department. And a car alarm system can shave bucks off your bill. Two, retirement discounts. If you're home more often, there's often less risk of damage. And no commute, less risk to your car too. Make sure you let your carrier know. Three, deductible discounts. If you can stomach the risk, increase your deductible and save big on premiums. Example, going from a $500 to a $2,500 deductible could cut your bill by up to 25% or more. Finally, loyalty discounts. You can often save if you buy multiple types of coverage from your carrier. For more info on insurance offered by your credit union, contact your credit union representative. I'm Jean Chatzky for SavvyMoney.

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