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- Hi, I'm Jean Chatzky and this is your Savvy Money Minute.

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- Saving money can be hard. But money rule number 21 can help. Save for something. Having a definite goal in mind gives you a better chance of success. Researchers at Columbia University found that visualizing the benefits of saving money makes people 25% more likely to save. Want a vacation in Hawaii? A 40th birthday bash? New kitchen countertops? Visualize your goal. Then target a monthly savings amount and a deadline. And finally, probably your most important savings goals. Retirement. Using our visualization rule, see your 401K, not just as a number, but as the retirement lifestyle you want. Sunny location? Great culture? Exotic address? Now that you can see it, you may find you're motivated to put away a little bit more. I'm Jean Chatzky for Savvy Money.

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