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[Narrator] In order to make external transfers, you first have to add an external account. After logging into digital banking, click the transfer widget, then select the classic tab. Click the link to add an external account. The first time you add an external account, the external transfer policy will pop up in a separate window. Read the policy, then check the I agree box and click the continue button. You only have to do this the first time. Now you will add your external bank account information. Select the account type, enter the nine-digit routing number. Notice that the system will validate if that is a valid routing number. Enter the external account number, then confirm it by entering it one more time. You can give the account a nickname so it's easy to identify in your digital banking profile. Then click the save button. Because this is a high-risk activity, the system will prompt you to verify your identity by entering a verification code. You can choose to have the code sent via text, email, or voice call. Make your selection and wait for the code. The code will be sent immediately and it expires in 15 minutes. Once you receive the code, enter it here and then click the verify button. Your external account has now been added and is awaiting your confirmation. We will send two small deposit transactions to the external account within three business days. Check your external account for those deposit amounts. Then once you receive those small deposits, log back into your CU SoCal digital banking account to confirm the dollar amounts and finish linking your external account.

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