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CU SoCal is a Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Recipient

In 2024, Credit Union of Southern California (CU SoCal) was honored with the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award, ranking among the top 60 workplaces worldwide for outstanding employee engagement. The CU SoCal culture fosters Building Better Lives for our Members, personal development, open communication, and genuine care for each other. We prioritize C.A.R.E. 4: professional competence, positive attitude, relationship building, and eager service to others. If you're passionate about making a difference and want to be part of a dynamic team, explore CU SoCal career opportunities today!

Grow Your Career With Us.

CU SoCal is one of the fastest growing credit unions and is more than just a place to work. It’s a place where people come before profit, a place where you can build a career that’s more than a job, and where the work you do has meaning and purpose. But don’t take our word for it. Hear why these team members think it’s awesome to work a CU SoCal.  

- [Natalie] I really wanted to work for a place where they cared about the people. I wanted to make a difference. I really wanted to work somewhere where what you do every day really changes somebody's life.

- I came from a partnership where I was just temporarily filing for the summer. It was just supposed to be a four or five month job, and 21 years later I'm still here.

- [Angelica] Before working for CU SoCal, I was a recipient of their annual food distribution at one of our branches. Me and my Grandma would go and I would be just there waiting in line. I was really surprised to know that everyone working in the food distribution were volunteers and team members of the credit union. Just the way they treated us and the way they made us feel was definitely different, and I knew that that was an environment I wanted to be in.

- [Melissa] Working at CU SoCal is so much fun. We have a great time with each other between our charity, CU SoCal Helping Hands, and just our normal, every day exciting things that we do with our co-workers, it's a lot of fun. We have fun with our members. We have fun together. We're always trying to find ways to get together to network with each other as we're growing. Working here, there's never a dull day. We have fun. We laugh and we smile every single day.

- [Joseph] I love coming to work every day. Day in, day out. Monday through Saturday. No matter what day, I definitely feel that there's always opportunity for me to change somebody's life.

- [Natalie] I guess the best part about it is that you really make a difference. You really get to know somebody's story and help them. It's a positive place.

- [Melissa] When I leave work, I feel accomplished. I feel like what I did today is really going to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

- [Joseph] CU SoCal really cares and shows that through everything we try to do for our members. We try to build better lives for all of our members. If it's not through our loans, it's through our constant community outreach. I definitely think that you can see the heart at CU SoCal.

- [Angelica] When you're happy with what you do, it's only going to transfer when you go home. So, it makes it a positive environment at home, too. It's not just making a difference at work, it's not just building better lives at work, it's now, how am I going to build better lives with my family.

We’re looking for tenacious thinkers with big hearts—‚Äčteam members who bring diverse perspectives, a natural curiosity, and a passion for making a difference. Whether you’re an experienced professional or are searching for that first job, Credit Union of Southern California (CU SoCal) is a positive, people-focused environment where you’ll have meaningful work and growth opportunities. Plus, we offer hybrid remote work opportunities for some positions, giving you greater work/life balance.


Be a Difference Maker.

We know there’s a story behind every face. We’re a team of difference makers taking on meaningful work. See what we mean in this video.

(Pleasant upbeat keyboard music)
Woman stands in branch holdering a purse. Text appears "Flying home tomorrow to surprise her parents who she hasn't seen in years."
Shows man on cell phone. Text appears "Hasn't taken a paycheck in months in order to continue paying his employees."
Woman stands in branch. Text appears "Son recently diagnosed with autism."
Man hands something to teller. Text appears "Just saved enough to buy an engagement ring for his high school sweetheart."
Woman signs something. Text appears "Husband passed away. Handling finances for the first time."
Man sits in CU SoCal branch while talking on cell phone. Text appears "Has a job interview at a new firm tomorrow."
Woman looks through pamphlet. Text appears "In her last semester of college for a teaching degree."
Man sits down in branch. Text appears "Mother is in surgery."
Man signs a check. Text appears "Trying to adopt a child."
Woman reaches into her purse. Text appears "Just found out she'll be a grandmother in seven months."
Man stands in CU SoCal branch. Text appears "Leaves for basic training in a week."
CU SoCal team member waves to a Member. Text appears "Understands there is a story behind every face."
Three employees help Members while text appears "Understands there is a story behind every face."
Text appears "Whose story will you touch today?"
Credit Union of Southern California logo appears.

Why Work At CU SoCal?

Besides being a part of a great team that is dedicated to building better lives for their team members and Members, as well as one that cares about the story behind every face (doesn’t treat others like they are numbers!), benefits include:
  • Great health benefits—PPO, HMO, dental, vision, life insurance, as well as a flexible wellness reimbursement program.
  • Competitive salary, 401(k) with a dollar-for-dollar match up to the first 3% of your paycheck, profit-share programs, and ROTH options.
  • Generous time off (PTO) package to use for vacation, sick or personal time off.
  • The opportunity to get a deeply discounted mortgage rate, allowing you to purchase your first home faster or refinance your existing mortgage loan to reduce your monthly payment.
  • Opportunities for hybrid-remote work.
  • Getting paid time off to serve as a volunteer in your local community—the opportunity to make an impact with a non-profit that’s meaningful to you.
  • Participating in a leadership development program—18-month program to help you grow as a leader and advance your career.
  • An education reimbursement—up to $1,500 a year.
  • Free financial education.
  • Being an important part of one of the fastest growing credit unions.

Our Culture and Values.

We are a purpose driven organization. Purpose mobilizes people in a way that pursuing profits never will. Our purpose ignites passion within our team members and inspires trust from our Members. This makes a winning combination.

We are more than a place people bank. Our industry is filled with people who can count. At CU SoCal, we are people others can count on.

We work hard, play hard, and laugh along the way. We recognize that every single one of us is a valuable contributor. We have a strong culture of learning and accountability in a collaborative, team environment. We’re a team of passionate, committed professionals dedicated to the same goal: Build Better Lives Through Exceptional Member Experiences, Every Time.


  • Act with INTEGRITY.
  • Serve with PASSION.
  • Build meaningful RELATIONSHIPS.
  • Pursue EXCELLENCE.
  • Inspire the HEART.

CU SoCal team members:

  • Do what we say we will do.
  • Ask questions freely.
  • Have fun together.
  • Celebrate each other’s successes.
  • Assume best intentions.
  • Collaborate and work as a team.
  • Always are ethical and strive to do the right thing.
The bottom line? We’re a family of difference makers.


- Excellent service is something that we expect when we go places or when we do something, but an exceptional experience is something that just wows us.

- I would describe creating an exceptional member experience as an experience that you provide a member with something that they were not expecting. You blew it out of the ballpark, and you gave 'em an experience and a memory that they won't forget.

- I would define exceptional experience as creating a feeling for that member. Did I make them feel valued? Did I satisfy their needs and also, you know, have them leave with a sense of "They made me feel like I'm family, I'm not just another customer or member."

- When it comes to ensuring that I'm creating an exceptional experience, not being an order taker, but being a consultant. So, what is it that they're actually needing? Because I'm the specialist. They don't necessarily know what they need when they walk in, right? We're trained. We know what we're supposed to look for. We know that we're supposed to read between the lines. But what are we doing to look beyond what they think they need, to actually create an exceptional experience that's tailored just to that member in that moment?

- I know most of my members. I've been there 13 years and I remember their family members. I remember when they bought their dog or their daughter got married. I take my job really to heart, so I might be having the worst morning, but as soon as I walk through that door, I leave that at the door because our members come for, they pay my check, they helped me buy my home, they helped me buy a couple cars. So I owe them that.

- No matter what's going on with the member, I always try to find out what I can do to make it better. No matter what it is. If the member seems like you can't turn it around, no there's a way I can turn this around. What can I do? And I smile just like this and I let the member know, like I'm here to help you. You know, like what's going on? This is a personal relationship. It's not like I work at a big bank. I work at a credit union. I know you.

- We're not there to just do the transaction for them, but we're their counselor, their you know comforter, we're a financial planner. We want the best for them. They're our friend.

- The experience to me, I take it so personal and it makes me feel like, wow I really made a difference, you know? And that member, how they feel, makes me feel so good. And then at night, I just wanna share that with my family.

- When I provide exceptional member experience, I feel amazing. I feel like when I walk through those doors and I'm coming to a company that I really like to work for and that has a culture that allows me to be myself, I feel amazing.

- Knowing that that member was taken care of, it goes a long ways. I'm with an organization that really cares about the members, Makes you wanna go to work every single day.

- I actually had a recent member that, he was going through some hard times. He was on disability, money was tight, he lent his vehicle to one of his friends, and he, you know unfortunately he totaled his vehicle. So he came in, we had a preapproval for him, and it was amazing because he literally looked at me, he goes, "People like me don't get approved." And I looked him, "No," I was like, "well you're preapproved for 20,000 Mr. Coleman." And we sat him down, we submitted an application. Two days later he came back and he goes, "Come outside, I wanna show you my vehicle." And he was so happy to show me his vehicle and we gave him an extra $50 gas card to fill up his tank too. So he was, he comes in all the time, he goes, "I love my credit union." So I think those are the moments that really, I find satisfaction in because we truly do care for our members here. So I think that's where I get the motivation to continue delivering that exceptional service for the members.

- We're gonna read some of the feedback from our members. "I always feel respected no matter the amount of savings I have and that's one thing I love about CU SoCal." Someone told us the other day, "Oh you see that we're one of the poorer members." And I said, "We don't see who you are by your account, we see who you are as a person."

- "I'm an elderly person that doesn't know the new technology of today. I call whenever I get stuck with the computer and I know someone is there to help me. Thank you for all the training you have given your personnel. I can tell that they're helping me with love and devotion to their job. " This right here is just a stamp of approval of what we're doing. That's really gratifying to me.

- "CU SoCal is very friendly and very helpful. They don't just treat you nice, they treat you like family." Aw, that how I feel.

- It makes me feel like we are really helping the community. We do this for them, so it's a happy feeling . It's a very happy feeling.

- Because we create experiences like this for our members, it enables me to and encourages me to wanna come to work and give my best everyday. I hope that I'm truly able to pay that forward and that I share that with my members.

- I am CU SoCal.

- I am CU SoCal.

- I am CU SoCal.

- I am CU SoCal.

- I am CU SoCal.

- We are all CU SoCal.

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