Congrats to the Winners of Our $500 ICU Day Giveaway!

In honor of International Credit Union Day (October 21), CU SoCal celebrated for the month of October by asking our Members how credit unions have helped build a better tomorrow! 

Please join us in congratulating the ten $500 winners of our ICU Day Giveaway! Also, thank you so much to everyone who shared their stories and participated! The amount of amazing stories we received was overwhelming. We’d like to thank all Members who took the time to submit a story. Your positive credit union experiences are truly wonderful to hear!

Read Our Winning Entries

Carlotta V. from Anaheim: “I've had a very difficult time for the last 5 years. l Lost my husband of 27 years to heart failure. If it wasn't for the help of CU SoCal when times are tough don't know where I would be today. Amazing service always and always make me feel special whenever I visit my branch.”

Elizabeth C. from Whittier: “I had just graduated with my B.A. and was working on my teaching credential. I had saved for a down payment for my first brand new car. Credit Union of Southern California helped me to finance and drive  off the lot with my brand new, Steel Blue, with a moon roof Mitsubishi Eclipse, right off the lot. I was the first in Whittier to drive a Steel Blue Mitsubishi Eclipse. Felt cool!”

Jessica C. from Corona: “CU SoCal has helped me so much by approving me for an auto and personal loan! I was able to get a reliable car and I was able to get the money I needed when we were tight to be able to purchase my children new beds that they desperately needed! Thank you so much CU SoCal for all you do!”

Marlene P. from Whittier: “Credit Union of Southern California helped me by re-establishing my credit history after a traumatic situation in my life caused by circumstances out of my control.  My house was foreclosed and I had to file bankruptcy. The credit union approved a credit card for me at a fair finance charge rate when all other institutions were either denying me or charging as high as 28%.  I have been able to reestablish my credit and my FICO score is slowly increasing despite the bankruptcy.”

Guillermo S. from El Monte: “Credit Union of Southern California has been a blessing. I quickly learned that CU SoCal is all about being there for you without judgment.  I walked into this bank with $15 to my name, yet they took me in & made me a member. Ever since then I've felt welcomed & will forever be grateful for CU SoCal.”

Mabel L. from Santa Ana: “I have been a member for quite some years and I’m so happy that even with my low credit score CU SoCal was able to give us a loan to buy a car for our growing family we really needed. We had struggled with another bank because interest rate was too high and I decided to apply at this credit union and was approved that real helped us a lot!! Thank you!!”

Aaron G. from Rowland Heights: “I got a job in 2016 only to find out a few months later the company was moving their office to a new location. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep that job without reliable transportation, and it just so happened that around the same time I received an offer from Credit Union of Southern California for a pre-approved car loan. I used this offer to buy a car and I've built a career where I can see myself growing, but it would have been much more difficult without the help of CU SoCal.”

Christine N. from Tustin: “I first learned of CU SoCal from my employer, CHOC Children's. Before this, my bank account from another had to be closed down due to not meeting direct deposit of $500 per month. I was a student and part-time clerk, barely making ends meet on top of paying bills, rent, and food. CU SoCal believed in $0 fees and transitioning to working at CHOC helped me slowly build new monthly goal of direct deposit of $500 to save without being pressured of fees.”

Jacqueline G. from Fontana: "CU SoCal helped me consolidate my debt. I was making payments on so many different credit cards and small loans. It was such a headache trying to keep up with it all. I tried applying for other loans and wouldn't get approved. I finally decided to try my credit union and they really worked with me. I was able to put all my payments together into one single payment thanks to CU SoCal! And I saved on my monthly payments which is a plus! Thank you so much CU SoCal!"

Hyadira M. from Chino: "Southern California credit union has never met me down when asking for a personal loan. I got a loan in July because my spouse and I had our first baby after many years if trying and we got our own place for our little family so this loan came in handy. Having that extra money was a big help especially when many changes are happening especially when having a child. Thank you socal credit union!"‚Äč

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