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1.99% APR Visa Balance Transfer
There's no fee to transfer your balance to our 1.99% fixed, promotional APR(2). It's good for an entire year which can help you pay your balance down or off sooner!

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Keep Your Car. Trade In Your Loan.
Bring us your auto loan from another lender and we’ll lower it by 2% APR or more.Current floor rate is 3.19% APR.

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Need to update direct deposit or automatic payment information?

Fill out our electronic form to make any updates to your direct deposit or automatic payments.

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We've got you covered. Visit our CUSoCal.org website to learn more about our full selection of loan products. Apply online or call 562.365.1851 to speak with a loan professional.

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Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible.


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Update Automatic Payments and Deposits

with your CU SoCal Account Number
and Routing Transit Number: 322283796
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Checking accounts you can count on.

With a CU SoCal Checking Account1, you are free to bank exactly how you want. Choose the checking account that is right for you with our two great checking account options: Free Checking with eStatements and Rewards Checking that pays and protects. Our checking accounts offer great perks like free mobile banking, online banking, mobile check deposit, mobile debit card controls, and the ability to get your chip-enabled Visa debit card instantly at a CU SoCal branch. Add a checking account to your Membership by calling 866.287.6225 or visit your local CU SoCal branch.

Important information about your accounts and services.

Your accounts have automatically transferred; however, some products and services will require additional set up. Important dates and information have been detailed below by product and service.

ATMs and Debit Cards

As part of the CO-OP, STAR®, and Cirrus ATM networks, CU SoCal provides you with access to more free ATMs nationwide than the largest banks, and access to America's largest fee-free ATM network. To find an ATM, visit CUSoCal.org/ATMs.

If you would like to request a debit card, please give us a call at 866.287.6225 or visit your local CU SoCal branch.


The existing Cedars-Sinai FCU branch will open on Wednesday, May 1, as a CU SoCal branch with the same service hours and team members you enjoy today.

Visit us in-person at one of our branch locations throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties. CU SoCal Branch Locations >

Or, access your CU SoCal accounts in-person at thousands of credit union branches nationwide through the CO-OP Shared Branch network—the nation's third largest branch network. Find Branches & ATMs >

Change in Terms and Fee Schedule

Your credit union Membership account terms and schedule of fees have changed. You were mailed a packet of information including a new Schedule of Fees and About Your Accounts brochure. Please review these pieces and retain them for your records.

Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

Direct deposits and automatic payments (such as your Social Security and gym membership fees) will continue without interruption until November 1, 2019. However, you will be required to update your credit union account numbers and routing and transit number before that time. On or after May 1, 2019,  please update these accounts using CU SoCal’s routing and transit number and your new Member number. 

Fill out the direct deposit form.

CU SoCal’s routing and transit number: 322283796

Update account information with Social Security by calling 1.800.772.1213. To make the update, you will need your Cedars-Sinai FCU account and routing and transit numbers, as well as your new CU SoCal account and routing and transit numbers. If you’d like assistance, please let us know. We’re happy to help. 

Cedars-Sinai FCU routing and transit number: 322077478


CU SoCal offers you the option of receiving monthly statements electronically. Please refer to the enclosed Online Banking Step-By-Step Guide for instructions on how to enroll. 

CU SoCal charges a standard paper statement fee of $2; however, this fee will be waived through August 2019. After August 31, the standard $2 fee may be applied to your account. Please scroll down to the footer and click “Disclosures” to learn how the fee may be waived. 

Internal Account-to-Account and Account-to-Loan Transfers

There will be no interruption to your Account-to-Account and Account-to-Loan transfers. However, please be aware that the hold placed on your funds to cover your loan payment will no longer be required starting May 1. Your loan payment will be processed 24 hours after your loan due date, with an effective payment due date. In addition, the late-fee calculation will change starting May 1. Refer to the “Change in Terms” notice mailed to affected Members for additional details.


There will be no changes to your loan rates; however, your late-fee calculation will change starting May 1. Affected Members will receive a letter and a Change in Terms notice with additional information. 

Membership Number

A prefix will be added to your existing Member number to make your new CU SoCal Member number. Your new Membership number will be provided to you before May 1.

Online Banking/Mobile Banking

Your Cedars-Sinai FCU Online Banking will no longer be available after 3:30 p.m. on April 29. Please enroll in  CU SoCal’s free Online Banking as early as May 1. Please review our step-by-step guide to help you set up your CU SoCal Online Banking service.

Download CU SoCal’s Mobile Banking app for your Apple  or Android device after you have enrolled in CU SoCal’s Online Banking.


Courtesy Pay

Starting May 1, you will have the added level of financial protection on your savings account when you need it most with CU SoCal Courtesy Pay. See our Courtesy Pay brochure and Schedule of Fees for additional information. Fill out the Courtesy Pay Authorization form to sign up for Courtesy Pay. Once complete, bring the form to any CU SoCal branch.

Share Insurance

Your shares will continue to be protected by federal deposit insurance provided through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), a division of the National Credit Union Administration and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

Account Conversion Chart

Your accounts have automatically transferred to the corresponding account listed below.

(same rate and term until maturity)
Holiday Saver
Holiday Club
Insurance Account
Summer Saver
Vacation Club

Nationwide Branch Access
and more ATMs than Chase, BofA, and Wells.

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