Celebrating 60 Years With The Chance To Win $60,000!

It’s our 60th birthday, and we’re celebrating! We’re giving one lucky Member a chance to win $60,000! To automatically be entered to win, simply apply for a CU SoCal loan or transfer an existing loan to CU SoCal between April 1, 2014, and September 30, 2014.

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60th Birthday Bash $60,000 Sweepstakes Official Rules


Odds of being selected as one of the six finalists is based on the number of eligible entries received. Odds of being selected from the six finalists as the single finalist to choose one of 60 money bags is 1:6. The odds of the single finalist winning the grand prize is 1:60. Each of the six finalists will receive one cash prize announced and/or awarded October 10, 2014. Finalists must be present on October 10, 2104, to be eligible to win. Employees and family members of Credit Union of Southern California and its affiliates are not eligible to win. Any winner will assume any and all federal or state tax liability. The winner agrees to allow his or her likeness to appear in CU SoCal’s marketing and promotional materials and agrees to participate voluntarily without compensation. Sweepstakes subject to all laws of the state of California and the USA and void if not valid in this jurisdiction.

Individuals who apply for a Credit Union of Southern California (CU SoCal) loan (including balance transfers and loans refinanced from other financial institutions or captive loan companies) between April 1 and September 30, 2014, will automatically be entered for a chance to win $60,000 cash.

Individuals may enter by sending their name, address, telephone number, and email address to info@CUSoCal.org, subject line “$60,000 Birthday Bash Sweepstakes.” Or, they mail their entry to Credit Union of Southern California, $60,000 Birthday Bash Sweepstakes, Attn: Marketing, P.O. Box 200, Whittier, CA. 90608-0200. Entries must be received between April 1-September 30, 2014. One entry per person.

One finalist will randomly be selected each month for six months (April-September, 2014). Each finalist will be selected and notified by phone no later than the 20th of the following month. Odds of being selected as a finalist depends on the number of entries received that month. Entries are valid for one month only.

On October 10, 2014, the six finalists will attend the “$60,000 Birthday Bash Sweepstakes” event to be held at 3 p.m. at CU SoCal’s branch located at 8028 Greenleaf Ave., Whittier, CA. One, single finalist will randomly be selected onsite for a chance to win the Grand Prize of $60,000 cash. The odds of being selected for the chance to win the Grand Prize is 1:6. The five finalists not selected for a chance to win the Grand Prize will each receive $250 cash. All six finalists may select a charity of their choice to receive an additional $100 each, with no more than six charities selected and $600 donated.

Winning and Non-Winning Prize Certificates

The single finalist will be presented with 60 money bags, each containing a sealed contest envelope identical in shape, size and color with the exception of the number printed on the outside of each envelope to encompass the range from 1 to 60.

Each sealed contest envelope will contain one prize certificate. There will be one (1) Grand Prize winning prize certificate randomly seeded within the set of sealed contest envelopes. The winning prize certificate will be printed with the ($) or other predetermined text or symbol which clearly distinguishes it as a winning certificate. Each of the remaining (59) sealed envelopes will contain a non-winning prize certificate. Each of the non-winning prize certificates will be printed with “Sorry. Not a Grand Prize Winner” or other predetermined text or symbol which clearly distinguishes it as a non-winning certificate.

Master Envelope

One Master Envelope will contain the corresponding number of the sealed contest envelope that contains the winning prize certificate. The Master Envelope must remain sealed. In the event of a winning attempt, the Master Envelope and each of the remaining (59) sealed contest envelopes must be returned to Million Dollar Media, LLC in their original sealed and unopened condition. If the Master Envelope or any of the remaining (59) contest envelopes are damaged, tampered with or opened under any circumstance, all prize claims for the contest attempt will be void.

The eligible contestant will select any one (1) of the 60 money bags, and remove the sealed contest envelope contained inside the bag. In the event that the money bag contains more than one contest envelope, the contestant must pick one of the envelopes as their selection. The contestant will then open their one selected contest envelope and reveal the enclosed prize certificate contained inside. The contestant must reveal the text or symbol printed on their selected prize certificate to the appointed contest administrator, who will confirm if the contestant has selected a money bag and prize envelope containing a “winning” or “non-winning” prize certificate. Any contestant who opens more than the designated number of sealed contest envelopes for any reason will be disqualified.

In the event that the one sealed contest envelope selected and opened by the eligible contestant contains the Grand Prize “winning” prize certificate, that contestant will be eligible for the grand prize, and the master envelope and all remaining sealed prize envelopes must not be opened. Opening the master envelope or any additional sealed prize envelopes will void any prize claim.

The cash payment will be made by check written from Million Dollar Media, LLC to the winner within 30 days of the “$60,000 Birthday Bash Sweepstakes” event and after Million Dollar Media, LLC verifies that all rules were followed. The day of the “$60,000 Birthday Bash Sweepstakes” the winner must provide: name, address, phone number and photocopy of a government issued photo identification card of the eligible contestant as well as a completed and signed W-9 form. The odds of the single finalist winning $60,000 cash is 1:60.

If the contestant opens any sealed contest envelope that contains a “non-winning” prize certificate, their contest attempt is over and there will be no further opportunity for a prize claim. The contestant will receive $1,000. The contest administrator may then open the master envelope and reveal the number on the sealed contest envelope that contained the winning prize certificate. The contest administrator may then open the corresponding sealed contest envelope to reveal the winning prize certificate. Once the master envelope is opened and the number on the sealed contest envelope containing the winning prize certificate is revealed, there is no opportunity for that prize.

Prizes are non-transferable. No family member, friend, or other persons will be allowed to accept the prize on behalf of the winning contestant.

Notarized affidavits and recorded statements may be required from the contest administrator, witness and contestant to verify compliance with all material contract terms and conditions.

Winners will be given 1099 and are responsible for paying any taxes associated with their winnings.

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